Tiling & Flooring

Brighten up your bathroom with our top-quality tiles and flooring that promise to light up your everyday routine.

Tiling & Flooring

Durable and moisture-resistant materials.

Choosing Pro Bathrooms for your tiling and flooring needs means investing in unparalleled quality and style that will elevate the looks of your bathroom.

Our selection includes only the most durable and moisture-resistant materials, ensuring a long-lasting finish that maintains its allure through years of use.





How Our Renovators Can Help

Our tiling and flooring options make every inch of your bathroom glow.

Our expert installation team works to ensure every tile and board is perfectly placed, creating a seamless and visually stunning result that you will cherish every time you step into the space.

What is involved in a custom design process?

The custom design process begins with pairing you with a design expert to help select all elements for your new bathroom, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. This includes choosing tiling and flooring from a wide range of high-quality options that fit various budgets, accessibility options and styles.

High-quality Flooring Solutions

Your bathroom requires high-quality materials designed to handle humidity and water exposure. We source from top suppliers to provide a variety of flooring options that meet any aesthetic, budget, and practical needs. All materials ensure long-lasting durability and finish retention.

Premium Standard Tiles

Transform your bathroom with our high-quality tile options. We can remove old tiles and install new ones that complement your desired aesthetic. Our selection includes a variety of themes and styles to suit any budget, ensuring durability and a high-quality appearance.

The Installation Process

Once the design is finalized and approved, our skilled installers begin the renovation. They meticulously remove old fixtures and install new elements, ensuring a high-quality finish. Trust our team to deliver outstanding installation results that enhance your property's value and functionality.

Our Guarantee

We are dedicated in providing:

Quality Work

Great Designs

Good Pricing

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